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Service Description: The de-identified (HIPAA masked) dataset includes at-risk Medicare beneficiaries from the Medicare Fee-For-Service (FFS/Parts A& B) and Medicare Advantage (CMS’ HMO plans/Part C) Programs that rely upon the electricity-dependent durable medical equipment (DME) and healthcare services that include ESRD (Dialysis), oxygen tank services, and home health visits which are updated monthly. State Zip Aggregation: We weren't able to identify geospatial boundary data for a number of the zip codes in the state. Due to this we have had to aggregate the data for those zip codes (child zip code) with another zip code that it resides in or next to (parent zip code) to ensure we didn’t lose population data associated with those zip codes. If possible, we would greatly appreciate it if they might be able to provide us with geospatial boundary data for each of the zip codes in the attached list in the future so we can update our maps and datasets going forward. Purpose: ASPR, in partnership with CMS, are providing limited de-identified Medicare data to State and local health departments to enhance situational awareness of and support emergency planning for and public health response activities for at-risk individuals that rely upon select electricity-dependent durable medical equipment (DME), facility-based dialysis and oxygen tank services prior to, during, or after an emergency or disaster. The DME that are included are: ventilators, oxygen concentrators, IV infusion pumps, suction pumps, at-home dialysis, home health service, electric wheelchairs and electric beds. Data Source: The CMS dataset is developed from Medicare Fee For Service (FFS) Part A and B beneficiary administrative claims data (~32M 65+, blind, ESRD (dialysis), dual-eligible, disabled-can include adults and children) and Medicare Advantage claims data (~17M 65+, blind, ESRD (dialysis), dual-eligible, disabled-can include adults and children). This data does not include individuals that are only enrolled in a State Medicaid Program. It is important to note that Medicare DME are subject to insurance claim reimbursement caps (e.g. rental caps) that differ by type and therefore may have a different “look-back” periods (e.g. ventilators are 13 months and oxygen concentrators are 36 months). Approved Data Uses: The de-identified dataset is approved for use by the state/territory and local health department, either directly or in collaboration with their ESF-8, 6, 14 or other partners as appropriate, for public health emergency response, preparedness/mitigation, recovery and resilience activities. All other potential uses of this data require prior approval from ASPR and CMS. Privacy Protections: As Medicare beneficiary privacy protection is our priority, all personal identifiable information has been removed from this dataset and numerous de-identified methods have been applied to significantly minimize, if not completely mitigate, any potential for deduction of small cells or re-identification risk. For example, any cell size found between the range of 1 and 10 is masked and shown as 11.

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